Train journey


The thing that connects whole of the world is train. We all have been traveling around using them and it also acts as a linking lifeline today life working. Leaving from a city to another we often use public transport like car, buses, train, aeroplanes but from all above the most used transport is train. Whenever we travel using trains there is always a sense of excitement, how does a journey with so many strangers for just a few hours affects your psychology. It has been seen that a person who is shy at times while talking to strangers in schools, college, neighborhood gets involved in chatting while traveling in train with other people.

Trying to understand these changes I learned some very important human traits. Person talks to these strangers due to many reasons…

  • He is sure that whatever he discloses in front of these people about himself would not be contradicted so he presents himself as a person he wishes himself to be.
  • He is pretty sure that he won’t have to face them again so he never cares about what perception people make about him.
  • The spare time that he passes in train with no work pushing him to get involve in talking to people so that he is not bored.
  • Psychologically it has been seen that people are free to open their heart and share with people who don’t have pre-biased perception about them.

Since train journey are more time taking than flights people traveling cannot pass out the whole time on their own. I personally have traveled a lot using train and I think it’s the most amazing place to talk and meet new people. I have made friends and have been in contact with them till date, sometimes amount of time you spend with people is not a measure of what kind of friendship you have with them.

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Working as an Energy Consultant in Bangalore. Writing is obsession and passion both for me i try to portray my thoughts and my experiences in words for others. I am a Sitarist, a dancer and many more just as my writing i am also exploring myself.

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