Slide, bend, Hammer-on, Pull-off and Tapping in Guitar

Slide, bend, Hammer-on, Pull-off and Tapping in Guitar

Sliding to Notes :

SLIDING involves approaching a note from above or beneath, usually from a half step or whole step.

Bends :

BENDS involve playing a note and then bending the string, either a half or whole step, to another pitch. Always bend to a specific pitch. Normally, you would use your third or fourth finger (pinky) to bend with the other fingers helping.

Hammer-ons :

A HAMMER-ON is a technique with which you pick the first note, then by hitting your fretting finger hard on the fretboard you get
the second note to sound without picking it.

Pull-offs :

A PULL-OFF is a technique where you pick the first note then pull off your fretting finger so that the remaining fretted note sounds
without picking it.

Tapping :

TAPPING is a technique combining hammer-ons and pull-offs. It also incorporates reaching over with your picking hand to hammer on a note on the fretboard.

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