Side effects of a unsuccessful first relationship

Side effects of a unsuccessful first relationship


We all know where does the first love relationship of a person stands in their life. We start of with a relationship in which we are very excited, very passionate, over caring, trying our best to keep the relationship in its best but what we infer after some time is that our relationship with that person was one sided or we tend to lose the care we have for each other. Maybe the relationship was just an overwhelmed response of getting the person you were infatuated with without knowing that you are compatible or not.

What is most disturbing is that some people don’t learn things from their mistake and think that there wasn’t a mistake and they are incapable of being in a relationship. Such a thought makes them emotionally unavailable leading to ignore people who really do love them.

Every person has its own definition of love but every person has the same starting which is attraction, liking someone due to his characteristics. Not giving time to understand your liking and jumping in to a relationship is a mistake but thinking that every person you like you love is a blunder.

People say lots of things about love, some say you would know it when it happens and if you act on it you will be happy after but no one tells what if a person is already in a relationship and then finds someone out of the relationship what should he do. These all thoughts are misguiding. its only attraction which leads to love. So if you are attracted to someone you should give it a try but you should not just surrender yourself taking it as love.

Your first relationship is always what you will remember for your whole life, but if you find someone that makes those memories disappear and fill it with new ones you should not oppose it and be emotionally available to that. May be a little effort from your side can change the way you look at your life as.

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