How to Read Guitar Tablature – Tabs/Lead

How to Read Guitar Tablature – Tabs/Lead

Tablature is music notation with the help of which one can play sound by choosing which string to be played and on what fret finger is to be taped.

Here I will discuss about reading the guitar tablature :

See this example…

E |—-|–1—————–7—–0—–||
B |—-|—–2———–6—–8——–||
G |—-|——–3–4——————–||
D |—-|———–4———————||
A |—-|———————————-||
E |—-|———————————-||

The 6 lines correspond to the 6 strings on your guitar.

The numbers tell you which frets you need to put your fingers on and which strings to use. In the above example you would play the first string fretted at the first fret. The next note would be the second string at the second fret. Then, the third string at the third fret and then simultaneously playing third and fourth strings at the fourth fret as they are exactly one above the other and again next note will be second string sixth fret and so on…… Number 0 means playing the open string…….

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  1. When to play the open string 0

  2. Sir at many time we see that like 5/12 and12v what is it

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