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Motive of Life



Life is time which never stops and is always continuously being spent. We all are living our life the way we want and the way others want. Whenever we try to think behind the motive of life we don’t really get an answer, everybody have their own notions of what motive of life is. People say you are born to do good things in your life be close to ideal person in the balance of truth and character but we as youth can’t accept this type of statement. According to me motive of life is to practice and perform that thing which becomes your identity in future.


We see today a beggar with no name no identity they live their whole life in disguise not even the election commission have their name on the voting list, being a citizen of country they are not a part of it. It’s easy to understand this taking an example of beggar but now let’s take ourselves and think what are we suppose to do in our life. We have got name, identity, education everything are these thing the motive that you are searching for? No its not. These all are the things which we get from the family in which we are born. We will be studying than take a job, have a new family and spending the same life as our parents did. There are many people who have really proved their motive of life like Sachin Tendulkar, Milkha Singh, Dhirubhai  Ambani. We know these people because they followed the motive of life. Dhirubhai  Ambani was not born with a business man mind but he absorbed knowledge and decided that this is the stream which will lead him to the motive of his life. If he would have not have done that we wouldn’t have been talking about him.


It is never too late to think and decide what you want from your life otherwise you will be the one regretting afterwards that you had a chance to bring out the fame for your name but u didn’t. Today while talking to our parents we always heard phrases like “I was the best in this in my college”, “I could have been him if I would have dared to take that decision”. What do you think classmates of Sachin will say “I was a better player than Sachin in 5th class” but since Sachin followed the motive and the other classmate didn’t he can just cheer up himself with these words.


About Anirudh Toshniwal

Working as an Energy Consultant in Bangalore. Writing is obsession and passion both for me i try to portray my thoughts and my experiences in words for others. I am a Sitarist, a dancer and many more just as my writing i am also exploring myself.

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