How to Maintain Fitness to build Personality ?



How to Maintain Fitness to build Personality ?

After about one year of marriage, Jane started to notice that John who was her best friend(now her husband) was now not showing that much interest in her. He started to ignore Jane and started to pass rubbish comments on her physique and fitness. When they hang out together, he stares slim and smart girls which made Jane frustrated. Finally one day she asked John with anger,”Do you still love me”?

Are you people in the same situation?Thinking that your imperfect body, obesity are making you feel shy in front of your loved ones which puts you in miserable position. So why can’t we try to ride away these obesity.

Generally people use Gymnasiums and Dieting for maintaining their fitness.According to Gym Instructor,”Mainly for people, exercise means jogging, stretching and weight lifting. They are 100% right but they should also add a proper diet in their definition of exercise. A regular and steady flow of exercise can give you a great personality”

If you are not getting enough time for exercise, then try to note down your schedule on a notebook. Find a time gap where you can do at least one type of exercise. Likewise you can find many gaps and you can do more and more type of fitness training. Make your daily routine. It will be tough to maintain it but eventually you will get addicted to it.

Below are some instruction you would like to follow:

  1. A study says that a person with obesity will be able to lessened his/her weight if he/she will join a gymnasium or a exercise class under some instructor instead of doing exercise and dieting by themselves.
  2. Weight reduction can be mainly done by jogging and stretching.
  3. Sometime you may get bored due to same type of fitness training regularly, try to change your exercise schedule by asking your instructor.
  4. After exercising for many weeks,its effect will reduce.So,you have to increase the time given to each exercise eventually.
  5. Prefer to do all the exercise on wooden floor instead of cement floor, as it will reduce the probability of injury because wooden plank absorbs the forces applied on it.
  6. If you a outdoor jogger or walker, prefer a muddy or grass road instead of cement one because cement compactness gives pressure to your heel and knee which can cause pain.
  7. WATER!! It plays major role during fitness training. Your sweat is a poisonous water which your body emits out through skin. So to maintain incoming and outgoing of water, water consumption is required for sure. Sweat also helps to maintain body temperature as it releases heat with it.
  8. If a food is taken 4 times a day ,it will surely increase your weight. But if the same food is consumed for 2 times a day at proper time, it will supply energy and vitamins.
  9. For proper posture, try to keep your backbone straight all the time.If not done,it can give you a negative effect at later stage.

So,try to be regular at your exercise and you will for sure not face the problems as Jane.



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