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Long distance valentine ….”I love u”


Talking to my friend today I thought about this what should people in long distance relationship do to celebrate valentine day. Times are changing and lives have become busy. With increasing distances among loved ones, it has become difficult to keep relationships going. All these factors bring in the fear of losing someone we love. There are many ways of bridging gaps that are a natural consequence of long distance love affairs.
One of the most romantic ideas is writing love poems and love letters for your long distance Valentine. You can even write down your real life love story and add your own insights to it like the feelings grew over time.

If you are not feeling extra creative, then too there is nothing to worry about as the answers are easy to find. One could easily get inspired by the various sources like the internet, books and also by listening other people’s compositions of romantic poems and romantic music.
In an age of technological advancements, sitting across the table with your beloved is not that difficult. You can still see and talk to him/her without traveling those thousand miles. This will certainly not affect your budget as well.
Sending video messages to your beloved seems to be a good idea. You just need to find out an interesting way to express yourself.
You might be having many photographs of your sweetheart. If not you can even ask him/her to send the latest one to you. Using this image as a reference you can even get your Valentine painted onto canvas. This idea can also include a picture of the two of you being replicated onto a painting.

What a thoughtful, beautiful and romantic idea to make this Valentine special for the two of you. This painting would immortalise your love for ever. With the advent of services that promise anywhere, anytime delivery, you can actually send this gift so that it reaches your special someone on Valentine Day.
There can be nothing better than appearing personally before your partner. Plan a surprise visit to leave your partner breathless. If not for an entire day, then for a few hours, don’t miss a chance to delight your beloved.

About Anirudh Toshniwal

Working as an Energy Consultant in Bangalore. Writing is obsession and passion both for me i try to portray my thoughts and my experiences in words for others. I am a Sitarist, a dancer and many more just as my writing i am also exploring myself.

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