How to fix Pidgin Messenger for Facebook connection problem in windows

How to fix Pidgin Messenger for Facebook connection problem in windows

FB messenger 7What happens when something, you love the most, stops suddenly?. I mean if you are a big fan of facebook, spend a lots of time in chatting and suddenly you lose access to it will definitely annoy you. Yes, I am talking about the Pidgin – A desktop messenger for many social networks including facebook.

Earlier in Pidgin Messenger you were able to connect to Facebook through Facebook XMPP but the XMPP API that allows desktop messaging clients to login to, send and receive messages from Facebook is no longer working because Facebook stopped their support for XMPP.

But don’t panic you can still connect to facebook through Pidgin Messenger By doing some changes to it. You can insert purple-facebook plugin in pidgin to gain access to facebook. The purple-facebook plugin is a replacement for the built in Facebook XMPP plugin. This plugin has been developed by jgeboski and you can download it from “github”.

Follow the instructions to set up purple-facebook plugin in pidgin :

Now, Add a new account in pidgin or just modify the previous one as per the following instruction:

  • Protocol : Facebook (Not Facebook (XMPP)) – see the image for reference.
  • Username : Your email, facebook username, or mobile number.

Pidgin Purple Facebook

That’s all, you have finished installing purple facebook plugin for pidgin. Now, you should be able to chat with your facebook friends through pidgin.

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