LIFE!!..years will fly but one cannot understand what life is!..And don’t you think its so ironic?

Sometimes you wish and pray all lifelong for just one thing..sometimes you put your heart and soul to get that one thing but in the end when you are so close of getting it life snatches it from you and you feel this is the worst thing that could ever happen to you!..May it be your any dream,any relationship , any college or any exam for which you have worked on but you fail in it!.. you feel you are shattered and nothing can happen now and you lose hope!

Star Trek: Trouble with Tribbles

Its easy to dwell in thoughts of “why me?”, “why this happened?”, “can nothing go right with me?” and long list of such twinge giving questions. Its easy to put a blame on your life and on your luck that did not supported you when you needed it the most. But ever wondered for what reason things turned out the way you did not wanted? Ever wondered why your path took a u-turn? Ever wondered why your prayers worked in a different way?

We humans are confined to the sight that we see. Nobody knows what the future might bring for you. you may lose today , you may lose tomorrow but there indeed will come a time when you will be the winner. Today you may not get what you want but tomorrow you will get even better than that.

Things do not work out as per your wishes so that you get strong enough to handle bad situations. You don’t reach the destination that you have planned for because your life holds a more beautiful place  which only you deserve and nobody else. Perfect things happen at perfect time!

There is no end to one’s wishes and wants and no limit to dreams! But be happy with you have got. Hold on to the faith that things will work out for better. Don’t waste your time on “why did this happened to me?” instead hold on to the faith that “For now, this is the best that can happen”. Keep your head high and face your failures. For winners are not made overnight! Trust . Believe. Keep trying! And you will be at the perfect place which is just meant for YOU!!

Accept what you have got now and live with it happily without any regrets! You will have your time!! Don’t dim your light. Always shine!

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