friends may be lovers

friends may be lovers

We have seen people countering this problem where people begin to feel very much affectionate towards their friends and due to some factors like betrayals from their partner or a harsh break up seize them to visualize a better partner in their best friend or friends. Sometimes when two people are very good friends and have spent a lot of time together one of them starts feeling attracted and dependent on other for day to day life and this dependency entitles them to feel that they are in love with them.

Sometimes it happens that the other partner perception about the one who starts to think being in love is straight and is disturbed. Partner does not understand the gravity of situation and since pre-biased about the friendship relationship is not able to accept the feeling of love for the partner. Moreover these perceptions are faced by female partner.

Now what people need to think here is that why does this happen is it just due to pre-biased analysis or due to your fantasy about your partner. People always want the best ideal partner according to themselves and one someone approaches them they always try to fit in that person in their fantasy moulds. Now what happens with friends is that since you know a lot about them fantasying as a partner is difficult but for an unknown person, you assume that whatever he or she is portraying himself is the true characteristic and you see them as better partner closer to your ideal partner.

It’s certainly the decision of person to give it a chance or not sometimes maybe that the only relationship between them could be friendship but there is always higher probability that a friend may become a better lover and also a better partner in life. The most advantageous point here is that they know each other well and the feeling emerged are for the real you not what you portray yourself in society.

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