Fix Windows 7 Startup Error Cannot Find Search Extension Client.exe

Fix Windows 7 Startup Error Cannot Find Search Extension Client.exe

Windows startup error client.exe1

“Windows cannot find “c:\program files(x86)\search ectensions\client.exe.’.Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.”
Are you getting this type of pop up window just after starting your computer/laptop?. This type of error messages are very annoying particularly when you don’t know the reason for them. This is the task performed by the windows at the startup which may have been scheduled any how. If you are frustrated seeing this error during starting of windows 7, its time to fix this right. Just you have to delete some files from your computer which are causing this error so as to remove the task randomly performed by the windows 7. Follow the following simple steps to fix this annoying start-up error in windows 7.

  1. Open Your C drive and navigate to : c>windows>system32>Tasks
    Windows startup error client.exe2
  2. In the Task Folder, Delete all the files which start with RocketTab, See the image for pictorial notation.
    Windows startup error client.exe3
  3. Now restart your computer, you should not see starting error, enjoy!

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