Fix low graphics problem after installing windows in computer / laptop

Fix low graphics problem after installing windows in computer / laptop

Low Graphics

Are you getting low graphics problem in computer / laptop after installing windows, if yes then you came to the right place. Mainly Graphics problem comes when either display driver is absent or device is not working properly.

What is a driver ?

A driver is a software that is installed on your computer which drives a device hence named driver. Display driver is such type of software which makes your display device / adapter run properly.

Why there is low graphics in computer ?

Graphics problem occurs when your display driver is absent, this may happen after installing new fresh windows . This may also occur if your display device / adapter stops working.

How to fix display problems ?

There is simple and easy way to fix your graphics problem. Look for the driver’s DVD or CD which come with your gadget during purchase, find display drivers in your DVD or CD and install it. After installing restart your computer to reflect the changes. Don’t worry if you dont have driver’s DVD or CD, in that case Just go to official site of your computer / laptop manufacturer and download display driver from their site. Make sure whether your machine supports  32 bit or 64 bit and download drivers accordingly. For example if you are using DELL copmuter then go to dell’s official site, download driver and install it. After installing driver restart your computer.

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