How To Fix Image Thumbnail Preview Problem In Windows – Win 7

How To Fix Image Thumbnail Preview Problem In Windows – Win 7

Image Thumbnail Preview Problem 1

It may be annoying sometimes when some of the features of the windows are turned off and you don’t exactly know the correct  reason for the same. And you start surfing the internet for the solutions. Today i will discuss about the image thumbnail preview problem when your images are not previewed in windows explorer. If this happens for any unknown reason, don’t panic and  just follow the instruction provided below to solve this issue.

  1. Open “Folder And Search Options” as shown in the image below.
    Image Thumbnail Preview Problem 2
  2. In the view tab, go to the advance settings and Uncheck “Always show icons, never thumbnails“,  see the image below for the help.
    Image Thumbnail Preview Problem 3
  3. Now click ok and check your pictures’ thumbnail, wow your image thumbnail is back, enjoy!

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