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How to fix counter strike server connectivity problem ?

How to fix counter strike server connectivity problem ? 

Counter strike is very famous shooting game because it offers multi player environment and we can connect many computers using servers and we can play with online friends. We can also play this game on lan servers as well as on wifi servers.


Sometimes you are not able to connect servers to play counter strike with friends and people on your network. But you can fix this error by following simple steps below :

How to fix the problem “There are no servers running in your local network ” ?
Counter strike server 1

To solve server connectivity problem, Just you have to match IP address of your computer with the IP address of your friend’s computer who has made counter strike server.

Step 1 : Get you friend’s IP address .

  • Open network and sharing center in your friend’s computer (see the image below)… for this Press windows button, type “Network and sharing center and click enter .
    Counter strike server 2
  • Now click on network Connections. (see the image below)
    Counter strike server 3
  • Click on the Details.
    Counter strike server 4
  • Now see and note down your friend’s IP address.
    Counter strike server 5

Step 2 : Change your IP address and match to your friend’s IP address which you have noted in first step.

For step 2 seeHow to change your IP address in Windows ?

After changing your IP address restart counter strike and now you will be able to connect and play with your friends .

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