Epub Reader Extension for Firefox browser

Epub Reader Extension for Firefox browser

Epub reader extension for firefox

Various formats are available for eBooks among which Epub is very polpular ebook format. When you have downloaded epub format ebook onto your computer you need a epub reader to read this format. There are many Epub reader softwares available like calibre etc. But today i will discuss about Epub add-on for firefox.

Epub reader extension for firefox is add-on for your firefox browser with the help of which you can view your epub files right in your browser. You have to just download and install extension in your browser to start using it. With EPUB Reader you can read ePub files just in Firefox. No additional software needed.

If you have epub extension installed in your browser and If you click on a link to an ePub file, you don’t see the download dialog box rather EPUB Reader downloads the file, makes some processing and displays the ePub file ready to read. If you have got already downloaded ePub-files, you can read them by using the Firefox “File/File open” dialog or you can drag and drop your file into your firefox browser to read it.

Download EPUB Reader Extension for Firefox.

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