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How to create SBI 3D Secure password – SBI 3D Secure Service

How to create SBI 3D Secure password – SBI 3D Secure Service

3D secure is a new service from State Bank Group, in association with Visa and MasterCard that lets you shop online securely with your existing State Bank Group Debit Card. This Service confirms your identity through a simple check process when you make online purchases. 3D secure Service provides you with password to protect your online transactions just like your PIN at the ATM.

To use SBI 3D Secure service you need to resister your sbi account through one time password (OTP). For this you should have registered your mobile number with the bank associated with your account.

How to get One Time Password (OTP) and 3D Secure password ?

  1. Open SBI 3D Secure Service Site from here.
  2. Click On Register Now .
    SBI 3D Secure Service 1
  3. Enter your Card Number and click on Next.
    SBI 3D Secure Service 2
  4. Now one time password (OTP) will be delivered to your registered mobile number, Note down OTP for further use.
  5. Now Enter ATM pin, One Time Password (OTP) and Account Number. Thereafter click on next.
    SBI 3D Secure Service 3
  6. After this step you will be asked to create your 3D Secure Password and you have to choose your security question and answer.
  7. Congratulation you have successfully created your 3D secure password which can be used for online shopping.

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  1. Service is down from long time what to do now. SBI sucks. Online transaction is not possible and SBI is like silent.

    • They Have changed their method of online transactions. Now all online transactions are done with OTP(One Time Password) which is a temporary password sent to your registered mobile number every time you do shopping. For this you have to register your mobile number in your respective SBI branch. This means you don’t need 3d secure password anymore, just register your mobile number and enjoy online shopping. See the image for reference.
      Sbi One Time Password

      • Shashikant Nagwanshi

        Thanks for the info but.But Today itself i have received my international global debit card but was trying to do transaction @ aliexpress but the payment failed

      • Thanks for the info, but I am a bit confused. I am in a foreign soil now and I want to purchase flight tickets. I had done it earlier from Makemytrip using my SBI Debit card. But this time, my registered Mobile No. has a different carrier, I mean its a Docomo Number but here it gets signal from some local operators. So what I want to ask is will i still be able to get an OTP as I am not getting many sms’s from India, but some of them get’s delivered too.

        Please help!

      • i cant recieve otp in my mobile help

  2. Sayan Mukherjee

    There is a convenience issue while using the SBI OTP app for a mobile transaction. When the merchant app gives SBI as a payment option, the SBI Secure Code OTP is requested. Here you have to navigate to the Home screen, launch the OTP app, generate the OTP (Online or Offline), copy it somewhere manually or remember it, go back to the merchant app and supply the OTP there. This is VERY inconvenient and like other apps, the SBI merchant page should read-in the OTP when it is generated in the OTP app.

    Alternatively, the SBI merchant app should give a small window to the OTP app in its own context.

  3. i don’t recive otp no. when i submit debit card no.
    i want my 3d secure pin

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