Break up

Break up

Break ups moreover go through a non-reversible chain of events and patching up again depends on the girl partner more than a boy.Suppose u have gone through a breakup and after some time u feel like missing her and u decide to talk to her and call her but if she is not interested and has moved on u can try each trick and toes on her she wont fall for u again.and contrary to it if its the female partners who wants to patch up the boy partner will always give it a stroke and there are always chances of couple coming up together.

Several reasons for a break up to occur are :-

  1. We just fell out of love.
  2. He cheated.
  3. He lied about something, and I couldn’t trust him again.
  4. We were always fighting and realized we shouldn’t be together.
  5. He stopped doing sweet, romantic things for me.
  6. I missed being single and dating around.
  7. He wasn’t very ambitious when it came to his career.
  8. One of us moved.
  9. He didn’t get along with my friends and family.
  10. The sex was bad.
  11. Jealously in a relationship
  12. Repeated lying
  13. Disproportionate sharing of the decision-making power
  14. Incessant arguments and quarrels.
  15. Desire for independence in finances and/or otherwise
  16. Love for money more than love for the partner.

Love between the two in relationship obviously means that each one selflessly has concern for the other partner; they show it by seeking his/her benefit in all matters. Some relationships continue well but some couples need to make definite major changes in their relationship for it to continue.

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