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List of best social media exchange and traffic exchange sites

  • Do you want to increase Facebook Likes, Followers and Shares ?

  • Do you want to increase Google+ Likes, Followers and Shares ?

  • Do you want to increase Twitter Followers ?

  • Do you want to increase YouTube Views, Likes and Subscribers ?

  • Do you want to increase your Website Traffic ?

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned topics then you have come to the right place. There are many sites which provide nice platform to exchange facebook like and shares, twitter followers, google+ followers etc. Simply you have to like and share others pages and in return you will get likes and shares in your pages or posts. Similarly you can increase your website traffic.  From social media exchange sites you can get likes for likes, shares for shares, traffic for traffic and much more. You may be thinking that how these sites work? but don’t worry this is very simple, you have to earn points by liking and sharing i.e facebook post and pages and in return get like and share for the same by spending your earned points.

List of best social media exchange and traffic exchange sites :

  1. AddMeFast.com : This is the best platform to increase social media likes shares and followers. Just earn points by liking and sharing others post and pages and in return use those earned points to get facebook likes, shares etc.
    Sign-Up For AddMeFast.com from here.
  2. Likesplanet.com : This site is famous because :
    10 LikesPlanet Points = 100 Real Visits to your website and 10 LikesPlanet Points = Backlink for 1 Hour with ~800 Unique Visits to your website. This is the best deal you can say.
    Sign-Up For Likesplanet.com from here.
  3. Like4like.org :  This is also very nice platform to get social media likes, shares and followers. Earning of points is easy.
    Sign-Up for Like4like.org from here.

Other sites include :


About Mrigendra Patel

Mrigendra Patel is the Administrator of this blog. He is an Engineering Student having keen interest in Music and Computer Science. He shares his knowledge to the world by posting Guitar Tabs and other Computer related topics.


  1. Your info was helpful for me and it’s my first time to know all of programs here, thanks Mrigendra for good work.

  2. Hi again Mrigendra, i tried your links here but about linksplant, it’s have many problem nowdays, did you face any problem or it’s just with me.

    • Hello! John, I didn’t face any problem with likesplanet… They have recently updated their site and made lots of changes to it…. So, this may be the reason for its abnormal behavior.

  3. Is there anyway to get location target likes, traffic etc?

  4. Hey All Social Media Exchange Lovers, We have recently launched a
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    Zeddes Team

  5. Thanks
    You can find updated list of top social media like exchange sites on this site:
    http:// webmasters .cf

  6. GiveHit – 100% FREE Website Traffic and Social Media Exchange

    Get your Website Traffic and boost your Google Rank using our FREE Traffic and Social Media Exchange Services.

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  7. Also take a look to promoter.

  8. Get 10k free hits for just signing up on Alexaplanet.

  9. Helo friends.

    Here is a new free traffic exchange site. Get unlimited free traffic exchange site. its webhits[.]co

  10. I would add 2 websites as well http://likestool.com and http://kingdomlikes.com/
    For me, these 2 websites are better than most of listed ones.

  11. I tried them all. LinkCollider works the best.

  12. LinkCollider is one of tool i like the best. But can not custom time page visit 😐

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