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Anger Management

Stress concept - angry man with exploding head

We have seen people referring to these type of things over and over again where in they tell you manage your anger the outburst of your emotion. People in household suggest different techniques of managing your anger and some are suggested by sociologist and psychologist. So this post is about the different techniques which I have seen people using and I have also used for managing my anger.

  1. Go away from the people, find a lonely place and just close your eyes and take deep breaths. This method has been a great help for me in my personal life before writing this post I was doing the same thing.
  2. Start counting in reverse from 99 to 1. Rationalist consider this method a crap but the psychology behind this method is to take your attention away from the topic which has made you angry and make your brain busy counting reverse.
  3. Take a glass of cold water and have it. This method has a biological significance it is said that when we are angry we are in excited state and our cells start to grow our temperature and a glass of cold water acts as a condenser. I don’t know if the theory is correct or not but yes this method works fine.
[stextbox id=”info”]Other methods that I m going to tell you are a bit out of the box.[/stextbox]
  1. Go in a place where no one will mind if you shout and shout as loud as you can. Ideology behind this method is to release all the energy that u have stored due to anger.
  2.  Go and play some outdoor sport where u can exhaust yourself and forget about the topic on which you were angry.
  3. Go and watch a movie which can take you to other world of entertainment where in you are not concerned about anything for about three hours.



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Working as an Energy Consultant in Bangalore. Writing is obsession and passion both for me i try to portray my thoughts and my experiences in words for others. I am a Sitarist, a dancer and many more just as my writing i am also exploring myself.

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