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Affection For Ex


The relationship you share with your partner takes a very different turn after you separate out. Some break up’s are violent ,some are mutual ,some are one sided. The problem arises when the symphony you share with a person breaks down and now you have to change your habits and get back to the life same as before break up. When the break up are mutual and couple decides to be in contact as friends there are chances that behaviour of partner don’t change they show the same affection as before. Sometimes this affection is misunderstood and complication tend to start its really simple to understand when two people have been so close and have shared their life with each other for a long time how can the affection die. But this may affect their further life too.

A friend is a friend but when a girl friend or boy friend becomes a friend its different. They become your closest friend and the weirdest thing which happens is that may be now they don’t love each other but the concern for each other is always there, may it be about the studies, health and many more. This is not only the case with relationships turning into friendship if the separation has been violent in nature or one sided that concern never dies ,we always want our ex to be happy in life  and are always concerned that he or she never faces any difficulty due to the separation or us.

We know the life is short and the relationship that we have shared with people is the only good thing we have in life. Cherish the good moments and make the best of your life because you should consider yourself lucky that u have find love of people otherwise there are people who don’t get love in their whole life.

About Anirudh Toshniwal

Working as an Energy Consultant in Bangalore. Writing is obsession and passion both for me i try to portray my thoughts and my experiences in words for others. I am a Sitarist, a dancer and many more just as my writing i am also exploring myself.

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