A Lady and Her Daughter


Once I was travelling in a 3 tired air conditioning bogie as it was a long jaunt of 28 hours from Surat to Lucknow. I was tranquilly sleeping on the upper berth. When I wake up in the morning, I discovered that the underneath bunks were occupied by a lady and her daughter. I ignored them but when I got down that lady’s perpetual looks made me exasperate. I sat adjacent to her daughter as that lady was occupying window side and her daughter was sitting beside her. After 5 minutes I again noticed the constant stare from that lady.It was really getting fishy and in next two minutes she interchanged her place with her daughter.I didn’t mind the store as I was busy reading a novel.

The journey was getting tedious, so I plugged my earphone and stood up to go get some fresh breeze. I love to just listen music and think about various possibilities and ideas for making a world a better place. As I was searching for my slippers below the berth ,I touched her daughter’s bare feet. She abruptly jumped and looked at me with a resentful face. Her mother too got offended and angrily said, “What are you doing?Never seen a girl before?”. I retort, “Sorry aunty,it was just by mistake.” She replied,”Oh!by mistake, we know all about guys like you”. I again apologize and went away and avoided them for the next 3 hours till they reached their station.

The real point was why were they so reactionary in a matured world like this? Did they experienced some real atrocious event in the past or was it a ancestral preaching?

Different kinds of commonality in this country still needs a convenient and appropriate guideline/code to live in this bumpy associations of humans. There are families who let their daughters live candidly with some necessary prohibitions and there are some who just boycott their primitive obligations. The state of mind must be changed but its just a delusory idea. According to me no one can change their perspective about women. Their upbringing may be nourished in a conservative and timid environment. May be they are right at some points but comprehensively its all rubbish where a girl can’t demand for her freedom and privileges . What should we do?How to stop it? The answer is,”It can’t be changed”. Its a bitter answer,but the truths are always harsh. Just try to be a better person and try to change your perceptions and consciousness towards moral phenomenon and you starts to change the world.

Increase your absolute moral standards, be brave, fight and learn the differences because I can’t change the world alone as I’m a traveller, and these are my travelling stories.

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He is determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation he may find himself. For he have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition. he've worked too hard and too long to let anything stand in the way of his goals. He will not let his teammates down and we will not let himself down.

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